Welcome to the home page for Gordon Brewer – writer of books and novellas about fantasy, mystery, and any other genres which might spring to mind at the time.

Inside this site you will find my current works along with my blog and other links that I find of interest.

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Latest Book – Ray Irish Mystery

He’s a hard-boiled private detective with no clients and a crazy landlady looking for his overdue rent.

After a young gunman walks into his office, telling him to lay off of a case he’s not involved with, Ray soon finds himself in the middle of murder, deceit, and deception.

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“Quickly and effectively transported me to a medieval -esque world where few stand against evil incarnate. Our hero is straightforward, fearless, moral, driven and supremely capable. The slave girl that is assigned to him as a guide is resilient and one knows there is more to her than meets the eye.”

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