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Welcome to the home page for Gordon Brewer Рwriter of fantasy books, mystery stories, and any other genres works which might spring to mind at the time.  Inside you will find current works, my blog, and other links that I find of interest.

My website is the starting point for all of the fictional works and characters that I’ve created over the years, from the lands inside the fantasy world of Kamin to purgatory realms of the Infinite Loop.

I hope you enjoy the latest updates to my existing works as well as information on new projects and upcoming releases.

Ratings on Goodreads

The Clovel Destroyer
The Clovel Destroyer (Clovel Sword Chronicles)

reviews: 2

ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.83)


Trail to Omcuur
Trail to Omcuur

ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)


Shield of Skool
Shield of Skool (Clovel Sword Chronicles #1)

reviews: 8

ratings: 10 (avg rating 4.00)



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