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Gordon Brewer

Ray Irish Mysteries

A drifter lands in a corrupt city run by a political machine and a masked blood cult seeking to release a demon.

Cover Page A Shot of IrishCover Page A Shot of Irish

Private detective Ray Irish descends into dark and twisted cases involving artists, narcotic pushers and users during the 1940s!

Ray Irish must save a client who escaped from a mental asylum while Andras spreads his control over a city!

Contains the four novels of the Ray Irish Occult Supernatural Mystery in one book.

One deadly encounter after another leads Ray Irish along a torturous path against demonic forces and unexpected saviors in a thrilling climax.

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Dark Fantasy - Clovel Sword Series

Cover Page for Shield of SkoolCover Page for Shield of Skool

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A scarred warrior thrust into a deadly quest against the gods!

The Battle for Three Realms begins, the odds are against Urith and his small band of allies.

Not all quests are destined to end well as chaos and bloodshed fill the three realms.

Get the ENTIRE Epic Dark Fantasy Clovel Sword Chronicles Anthology in one book!

The early adventures about Urith of Esterblud focus on his unsettled past as a mercenary fighter and treasure seeker.

Following his betrayal by an old friend, Urith finds no relief from his self-imposed exile away from Esterblud.

Other Novels of Mystery and Fantasy!

Cursed by an archangel and on the run from demons, the infamous pirate called Blackbane searches for an escape in this historical supernatural fantasy.

Warren is dead. However, instead of standing at the Pearly Gates, he’s trying to survive inside of a film world made up of obscure movies from the past.

When the dead rise, it takes a budding hero to stop them! Follow Beowulf on his first adventures! A YA novel!

About Gordon Brewer

I’m the author of over 14 books, including the Clovel Sword Chronicles and Ray Irish Occult Mysteries. In addition, I created the horror comics Creepsi Twisted Tales and Strange Twisted Tales alongside two ongoing web comics, Battered Soul and Jealous Gods.

As a writer of Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Mystery, Sword & Sorcery stories, my tales come from an imagination inspired by reading fantastic stories of Robert Howard, Poe, Lovecraft, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett. My goal is to help readers escape from the daily routine by immersing their conscious into tales of exhilarating, yet forbidding worlds with exciting, perhaps dangerous, characters who fight against monsters and gods. My books are available on multiple reseller websites, including Apple, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Creepsi Twisted Tales, Strange Twisted Tales can be read here. For those interested in comics, I also promote indie comic creators at Alternative Comics Mag substack site through a developing online magazine (below). Plus, I put out images and information about some of my comic book collection.