Ray Irish Mystery

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Ray Irish Occult Mystery Series is set in the dilapidated and corrupt town called Oyster City which has more gruesome murders than Chicago.  In the immediate aftermath of World War 2, Ray Irish arrives as a tramp and finds himself cast into a realm of characters who reflect the ideology, bigotry, and social norms of the time.  It’s hard-boiled detective fiction with a splash of demon worship that would make Lovecraft proud.

Set post WWII, it’s a book that gives history buffs a nice period piece, without being above the head of someone who isn’t as familiar with the time period. Enjoyable throughout and leaves you with a sense that Ray Irish has only begun his journey into the art of detecting.

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A Shot of Irish is a neat play on words and an engrossing read. The characters are many and most are deeply corrupted; some in unimaginable ways. Even the good guys aren’t all that good but the story is suspenseful and I will read more by this author.

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