Other Tales by Gordon Brewer

The author's wide ranging interests spill over into other genres such as Young Adult Mythology, Paranormal Suspense, and Supernatural Historic Fantasy.

The Curse of Blackbane

In this tale set during the late 18th century, Blackbane, a rogue buccaneer captain from the Americas carries an overwhelming lust for gold and violence. His ship spreads fear along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts. During a bloody attack on a convent, Blackbane dies at the hands of the archangel Remiel. In a cruel twist, the angel returns the pirate back to the living while carrying a terrible curse. Blackbane remains unworthy of death or heaven. Worse, the Seven Princes of Hell search for him as well. The captain meets a strange, bloodthirsty preacher called the Black Monk. With the help of his new comrade, the pirate believes he might escape his suffering by recovering the lost relics of saints. However, the man doesn’t realize that angels and demons carry their own agendas. Like Dante’s journey through Hell, the man called Blackbane finds his new destiny remains woven in terror, violence, and blood.

Beowulf Curse of the Dreygurs

Beowulf: Curse of the Dreygurs

Follow Beowulf on his first adventures!
The undead Dreygurs are on a rampage across the kingdom of Bernicia and feasting upon the inhabitants. Their violence threaten the power of King Ida. In response, the old king decides to risk the life of an upstart champion and distant relative rather than his sons. Ida sends a message across the North Sea to Beowulf, the young leader whose exploits as a monster hunter fill the mead halls. Beowulf is a brash and arrogant young warrior on the rise in his homeland of Geat. When he hears of the high honor from Ida to rid the lands of monsters, he impulsively accepts. Like any restless warrior of seventeen, Beowulf hurries to the ravaged kingdom where Viking and Norse myths and magic are all too real. In his quest to destroy the deadly monsters, the budding hero learns pride and foolish bravado can be as lethal as the magical terrors they face. Amid the setbacks and inner turmoil, Beowulf discovers an evil sorceress and her underworld allies of dwarfs could put an end to his destiny. Follow the exploits of a young man on his quest to become the world's greatest Monster Slayer.

Infinite Loop
A Paranormal Suspense Story

Warren is dead! He knows that fact. By now, he expected to be wearing wings or running around with a pitchfork in hand. Instead, Warren’s afterlife is an eerie, mixed-up purgatory. Instead of standing at the Pearly Gates, he’s trying to survive inside of a film world made up of obscure movies from the past. Worse, he finds that his lot in this new life is to wake inside the body of someone who will be the upcoming murder victim. Warren carries no memories of the character and must piece together his identity. He quickly discovers that he’s aboard a tramp steamer returning from Cuba during the 1930s. Finding himself involved with an unsavory group of associates, Warren suddenly stands accused of two murders. Just one step away from the police and the gallows, the accused man must identify and trap the real killer. Escaping from the police and on the run from gangsters, Warren discovers Amber, his reluctant witness to his innocence may not be the person he thinks she is. Slowly he finds Amber may hold the key to his escape from purgatory. And, he finds a common bond between them. However, can Warren convince the woman that their fates are linked as they seek to discover the murderer?

Infinite Loop - Gordon Brewer