Infinite Loop

Warren is dead.

And he is beginning to wonder how many ways one guy can die. At this point, he is convinced he will spend eternity as the reoccurring murder victim in an eerie film world purgatory.

Infinite Loop - Paperback and Ebook
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In this paranormal mystery, Warren wakes inside a new character aboard a tramp steamer returning from Cuba during the 1930s. The man discovers his role as a wealthy playboy, but he has no idea why his character is involved with an unsavory group of associates for ten grand in cash. By the time his ship docks in Boston, Warren is a wanted man, just one-step away from capture and the gallows.

In a bizarre reality already engraved into celluloid by long dead writers, the fugitive must adapt to an era of beautiful dames and dangerous lies while trying to find the real murderer. Like a multitude of black and white mysteries, the condemned man is on the run from the police while trying to outwit hoodlums and their allies.

Can Warren live long enough to find the real murderer or does he remain a film noir character in the Infinite Loop?

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