Draft Updates on Wattpad

To keep my blog refreshed on a consistent basis, I’ll be sharing my draft updates as they occur on Wattpad. You can find most of my stories out there. I invite you to take a look if you’re interested in the development of the stories. I’ve been working on another follow up story called Grave’s Peril that follows the Infinite Loop story arc. You can … Continue reading Draft Updates on Wattpad

Drafts of Upcoming Books on Wattpad

As part of my efforts to engage my readers more directly, I’ve started using Wattpad to reveal my drafts as I work on a couple of books. You can find some of my finished works out there as well. I’m using just rudimentary covers for the drafts and the editing is a work in progress. However, if you’re interested in my process for writing, just … Continue reading Drafts of Upcoming Books on Wattpad

It’s Time for Free Books – Coming this Weekend

Since the dog days of summer at upon us, there’s no better time to offer a free download of the latest mystery and dark fantasy stories from me. Get your Kindle story – Skeletons of Nilgava: Clovel Sword Saga 3 – This offer runs from Saturday, August 10, 2019, 12:00 AM PDT to Sunday, August 11, 2019, 11:59 PM PDT For those who are interested … Continue reading It’s Time for Free Books – Coming this Weekend

The Latest Covers and Work

The Clovel Sword Sagas have new covers as well as an updated story. As part of my efforts to revamp the look and feel of my older stories, I’ve combined my first 2 stories of the Clovel Sword Sagas which were previously released separately. It’s available only on Kindle Unlimited. Plus, the new story 3 that continues the adventures of Urith. This novella is available … Continue reading The Latest Covers and Work

The Clovel Destroyer Awaits

For the next two days, you can get the Clovel Destroyer for free on Amazon. In this backstory to the Clovel Sword Chronicles, you will discover some of the reasons for Urith’s distaste for the gods of Kamin and his friendship with Guthlaf. It’s a perfect start to the epic series. https://www.amazon.com/Gordon-Brewer/e/B00CJLGQX8 Also, a quick update for my future stories coming in the next 30 … Continue reading The Clovel Destroyer Awaits

Clovel Sword Saga Cover Reveal

Hello again. Today’s post is about my latest cover recently completed for my upcoming story, Skeletons of Nilgava, a Clovel Sword Saga 3. The story continues the exploits of Urith as a young warrior. It will be available on Kindle Unlimited within the next few weeks. Following the tragic loss of his wife and father, the jaded warrior who returns to his home village only … Continue reading Clovel Sword Saga Cover Reveal

Marketing and the Free Book Download

The Clovel Destroyer is free this weekend on Amazon. This is a great way to start the fantasy series. My latest book promotion (on my Facebook page) struck me how much time I spend on marketing. At one point I thought I was an author. However, I’ve learned that without a balance of time spent on marketing and promotion, sales just don’t come through the … Continue reading Marketing and the Free Book Download