Looking for Beta Readers

With the draft nearly completed on my upcoming work The Curse of Blackbane, I’m looking for Beta Readers among those who’ve an interest in my stories. It’s the first book of a new historical supernatural dark fantasy series. Set in the 1780s in Europe, a brutal pirate tries to escape the curse of his evil past. Hunted by one of the seven princes of Hell, … Continue reading Looking for Beta Readers

Start of 2020 – Latest News

After several requests, I’m pleased to announce that my Clovel Sword Saga Volume 1-3 is now available on Kindle Unlimited. A paperback version is also in the works and should roll out in the next couple of weeks. These backstories were previously released as stand alone novellas. Now you can read the combined edition on Kindle Unlimited. The early adventures about Urith of Esterblud focus … Continue reading Start of 2020 – Latest News

Fantasy and the Medieval Setting – A Question of Accuracy

After reading the postings and comments about high fantasy (link below), I thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. Half of my books are fantasy and I’ve found myself struggling with the ideas of historical accuracy in my Clovel Sword series. Interesting Analysis and Comments on Fantasy Originally posted on Legends of Windemere: Joan of Arc Various questions come up when someone wants … Continue reading Fantasy and the Medieval Setting – A Question of Accuracy

Merry Christmas to One and All

The month came and went too quickly. For me, this is the time to reflect upon the best memories from your childhood. It’s funny, but my main memories are the moments of anticipation, the tree in the same corner of the living room near the fireplace, and the trips to my grandparent’s houses. The presents I received are barely recalled. I hope my son has … Continue reading Merry Christmas to One and All

Black Friday from the Author

Well, it’s close to another Christmas (and my links to 50% off printed books are below). Latest news: I’m wrapping up work on two more books (hopefully to be complete by end of the year). Here are their working titles and a short description about the stories. You can find The Bleeding Mountains: A Clovel Sword Saga (click link to read the first two draft … Continue reading Black Friday from the Author