Coming October 2017 – First Book of the Ray Irish Agency Mysteries

In this hard-boiled, occult mystery, Ray Irish travels across the land to escape his mental demons, the veteran finds his solace in whiskey and isolation. When he drifts into Oyster City, nestled along the Chesapeake Bay just after World War 2, a chance encounter inside an alley leads Irish to an unanticipated job working for the corrupt man he saves. Paired with an unscrupulous woman photographer named Cat, Ray quickly descends into the world of grifters and racketeers. However, something ominous lies under the surface. The grisly murders of a chauffeur and a cop are only part of a foul web of strange occurrences involving robed figures wearing the masks of tarot card characters. As he digs into the city that hates outsiders, the ex-Seabee will need more luck than skill before his body washes up in the bay like so many before him.

A Shot of Irish is the first book of the Ray Irish Mystery Series. A novella will be forthcoming as well to introduce the main characters and Oyster City which has more gruesome murders than Chicago.  Set in the immediate aftermath of World War 2, the stories and characters reflect the social and ideological standards of the time.

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