Clovel Sword Saga Cover Reveal

Hello again. Today’s post is about my latest cover recently completed for my upcoming story, Skeletons of Nilgava, a Clovel Sword Saga 3. The story continues the exploits of Urith as a young warrior. It will be available on Kindle Unlimited within the next few weeks.

Following the tragic loss of his wife and father, the jaded warrior who returns to his home village only to find too many memories haunt him there. When an old friend tells Urith about an ancient treasure waiting for them, he cannot resist the temptation. To a fighter like Urith, such danger only entices him toward his ultimate goal; to perish in glorious battle to reach Haligulf. The remote areas of Kamin can bring great riches to adventurers along with the fame of finding the lost Temple of Nilgava. However, there’s a reason the city was cursed and abandoned.

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