Marketing and the Free Book Download

The Clovel Destroyer is free this weekend on Amazon. This is a great way to start the fantasy series.

My latest book promotion (on my Facebook page) struck me how much time I spend on marketing. At one point I thought I was an author. However, I’ve learned that without a balance of time spent on marketing and promotion, sales just don’t come through the door.

Like many indie authors, I’m continually marketing my stories by various means. As I’ve done my research into ways to promote my books, I keep coming back to several strategies which seem to work the best for me. In developing my ideas for today’s blog article, I realized I could repeat what others have already covered or I could simply provide the links so people can put together the best methods for their stories.

Towards that end, here are several links to articles and blogs which provide insight into developing your strategy.

Here’s an interesting blog view from Reedsy about Amazon’s KDP Select.
Bookbub has suggestions on using reader engagement.

Here’s a link to the free/paid promotion sites in one place.

This website has 50 ways to promote your stories. While Lifehack provides their 10 ways to promote.

Hopefully, these places will help other writers who are taking the independent route. Let me know if you have thoughts and suggestions from your experience.