The new Gordon Brewer site is now live

For those readers seeking updates, I’ve finally moved my website over to a site that should be less time intensive and (hopefully) updated more often.

Latest from my world:

Over the summer I’ve made some progress with new books and novellas.  Working titles are as follows:

  • The Corpse Pays the Bill: Ray Irish Drifter’s Tale (Mystery Novella Freebie est. Dec 2018 release).
  • Drink with the Devil at Midnight – third book of the Ray Irish occult mystery series (est Jan 2019 release).
  • Age of Dark Overlords – A fantasy prequel book to the Clovel Sword series (Spring 2019). Book 1 of several more.

Other stories coming 2019:

  • The Curse of Blackbane – A dark historical fantasy/horror set in the age of pirates.
  • Shadow Over Charax – Dark fantasy within a world of necromancy and black magic.
  • Blood Contract: A Soul Ripper Story –  An immortal roams the earth searching for those people who seek to renege on their agreement with the demons.
  • and Black Hanna – Those eyes in the night might belong to something worse than a witch.

In other news:

A good story about Stan Lee I thought you might enjoy.

Also, for those interested in marketing on Facebook, an article from an independent author.

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