Current and Future Work

Well, I’ve been focused upon the 2nd book of the Clovel Sword Chronicles and now over 225 pages. I expect like the last book it will come in over 300 pages in paperback.  Trying to have a publish date somewhere around middle of September but depends on the editor.


As part of my characters that I’ve been developing within my story, I was at a point where too many of my characters were nothing more than figments to me, like shadows in a fog.  Sure I had the main protagonists down but minor characters have been brushed away in my focus on action and events.  So, I started looking around for tidbits on character development and came up with some interesting tidbits which I find useful.

Here are the links:

If you have other links, please let me know by using the comments section.


While there will be a 3rd book to finish off the Clovel Sword Chronicles in 2014, my next project is focused on something set in the 7th century.  It has the elements of myths, history, grand adventure, and fantasy all wrapped into an intriguing plot covering most of Northern Europe.   I hope this can be completed this year and will give out more information after completion of the Battle of Three Realms.